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Meet the Team

Having many years of experience in the field of catering, Costas, Panos and Spyros had a dream: to make their own  business. So in 2018 the launched Lot51, a project that puts a lot of emphasis on what it does.

Stirring lovely cocktails/ Brewing the finest coffees/ Serving delicious foods/ Making new friends Since 2018

From early in the morning you can enjoy specialty grade coffee of unique origin, accompanying by one of the best brunch in town, in the evening you can enjoy a cocktail from our updated list, or ask Barman to make you the drink of your choice with the culture of finedrinking. Lot 51 also offers its range of coffee and merchandise for home consumption.


LOT51 has found its home in Square Brazilias and intends to make it even more exotic!

Zoe Parasidi


Why is everyone going to Lot 51? What about the hangout that made the Brazilias Square trendy?

Babis Doukas


"Lot 51" brought Brooklyn air to Brazilias Square.

Maroula Kyriakopoulou